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MAN-E-NEWS// The Megakeshi and Mini Galaxxors from Ben Spencer x True Cast Studio…


It’s been a while since we last heard anything from the Galaxxorverse, and with good cause, as creator Ben Spencer has been busy preparing one hell of a release! First up, we have the debut of the Megakeshi Galaxxor… With the help of The Godbeast and the rest of the True Cast Studio, Ben has been able to take the highly popular 5.5″ to the next level in terms of playability, with the figure now coming cast in a flexible keshi-style rubber with 3 points of articulation and 3 interchangeable heads (including one by the mighty Matt Doughty!). Initially going on sale as a limited batch of one-off prototypes, the Megakeshi will be touching down in the Galaxxor store on Tuesday, November 19th at Noon CST, priced at $90 each… Joining the Deka-sized piece, Ben will also be unleashing a number of Mini Galaxxor’s too! Hand sculpt and cast by The Godbeast based on Ben’s design, the Kinnikuman scaled figures will be available in a number of one-off swirled and solid resins. Priced at just $17 each, expect these to touch down in-store alongside the Megakeshi next week…


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