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MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Toys at the Doki Doki Osaka Sofubi Event…

rampage osaka

Jon Malmstedt over at Rampage Toys has just revealed a whole slew of toys he’ll be bringing along to the third annual Doki Doki Osaka Sofubi Event next weekend! A lot more intimate than the standard Japanese toy cons, with just a few dozen artists in attendance, Jon will namely be focusing on Rampage’s own self produced figures, bringing along a grip of new Gachapon Goblin custom sets (plus the debut of the Daemon “Uni-Oxter” mash-up), mint, black and clear blue unpainted micros, alongside not one, not two, but three Jeff Lamm micro runs, including the pictured “Stee-Gar-Amon” V2.0! Opening it’s doors next Sunday (12/1), expect any leftovers from the event to hit the Rampage store at some point the following week…


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