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MAN-E-NEWS// The Scraped Resin x HOODSLAM resin bootlegs…


Scraped Resin has joined forces with Oakland’s most intoxicated pro-wrestling/performance-art spectacle, HOODSLAM!  A whole series of resin bootleg figures based off Hoodslam’s f’ed-up cast of psychotic wrestlers is planned, kicking off at Hoodslam’s December show: The Non Denominational Winter Season Celebrational Festivity…of Doom….. Dos!  The first bootleg, kitbashed from a variety of 90’s action figures, will be The Dark Sheik. Coming in an edition of 8, with both ‘flesh’ and ‘black’ colourways chosen based on fan votes at Hoodslams FB page, these 3.75″ figures are due to come bagged with a custom Hoodslam header for $20 each as part of Scraped Resin’s Gram Slammers: Twenty Sack Wrestlers series. Due to touch down at the show this Saturday, December 7th, any remaining pieces will be headed to the Hoodslam store soon after. Head over to the dedicated Facebook page here to find out more about the event…


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