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MAN-E-NEWS// The Glyos x OMFG mini release from Onell Design…


Onell Design have teamed up with October Toys for the first Glyos mini release of 2014! Featuring the long awaited arrival of both OMFG series 2 and 3 in the old Pheyden blue, the 5 figure sets will also be joined by a matching OTMFG Zombie Pheyden (explaining the slightly darker hue of the recent Winter Blues version) and an unpainted “Mimic” Armorvor. Rounding things off, Argen MK IX will also be offered up in an Axis Armored Form, consisting of 1 complete Buildman, 1 complete Axis Joint Set and 1 scarf, all cast in the same metallic pearlescents as The GodBeast’s first full PVC production Kabuto Mushi assortment. Look out for these (plus a couple of surprises!) in the Glyos store tonight (1/19) at 9.30pm EST…


The list…

  • Buildman – Axis Armored Argen MK IX Gendrone Voyager (Metallic Pearlescent Green with Yellorange visors and White tampos) $11 
  • OMFG –Series 2/3 (Light Blue) $10
  • OTMFG -Zombie Pheyden (Light Blue) $2
  • Armorvor  – OMFG Mimic (Light Blue/No Paint) $8
  • Armorvor  -Stealth MK IV (Clear Colorless/No Paint) $8
  • ???? 

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