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MAN-E-NEWS// Manadarake exclusive Mazinger Z “Cheap Homage” from Medicom Toy…


Mandarake have teamed up with Medicom Toy for their first exclusive release of 2014, the Mazinger Z “Cheap Homage” sofubi! Paying tribute to the many, often unofficial, colours and shapes that Mazinger Z has graced since it’s conception in 1972, particularly the numerous cheap snack shop toys, the iconic bot has been realised in 2 subtly different sculpts; an open armed “Original” with metallic brown and orange sprays, and a closed arm “Retro”, with solid neon lime green, blue ad red sprays. Sculpted by Bear Model with colour direction from LEO/FRENZY, the 25cm tall figures are up for grabs on the Mandarake site right here until February 25th, coming in at 10,000yen ($98) plus shipping…


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