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MAN-E-NEWS// Sraped Resin’s Battling Bastards: From Parts Unknown…


For a main event luchador, life is all about fame, glory and Cadillacs…  But what about the opening-match jabroni’s working for just $20 and a torta?  Who are these villainous journeymen wrestlers destined to wander the Mexican wrestling circuit as perennial losers? Well, Robert Rodriguez over at Scraped Resin intends to shed light on these misfit luchadores, as he proudly presents Battling Bastards: From Parts Unknown! Consisting primarily of leftover scraps and unused casts, a total of 6 unique one-off resin wrestlers have been created for the release, each standing at around 4-4.5″ tall, complete with neo-mag articulation. Packaged in deluxe resealable clamshells featuring art from Casey Garcia, each figure comes with a number of stickers plus a limited edition trading card. Priced at just $30 each plus shipping, expect the latest Battling Bastards to touch down in the Scraped Resin store this Friday, February 14th at Noon PST…


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