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MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Toys’ post-Design Fiesta 39 store update…


Following yesterday’s raffle for the bigger items (check them out here), Jon Malmstedt over at Rampage Toys has just revealed that the rest of his Design Fiesta 39 leftovers will be touching down in-store today (5/19) at around 4pm EST! Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on offer…


“Psychedelic Freakout” UU- One of the last runs of Rampage’s signature beast, these Ugly Unicorns have been cast in a gorgeous marbled pink and GID soft vinyl, coming with a trippy mix of purple, blue, gold and metallic green sprays. Available in very limited quantities, the UU’s come bagged and headed for $35 each.

Micro My Shaggy Little Unicorns- The latest addition to the Gachapon Goblin series, this rather more gruff take on the original Little Unicorn has been cast in a mix of purple and black vinyl, each coming with a selection of one-off sprays for a wallet friendly $10 a piece.

Various Rampage x Tarantula Nibblers- Created as part of the guys efforts to fund an all-new collaborative project, a number of different custom Nibblers will be up for grabs, including the previously posted Beastroyer micro-run for $70 each, alongside one-off Homer and Robo-Nibbler customs at $80….


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