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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Titanium” Oozy micro-run from Guumon x Blurble…


Blurble has teamed up with none other than Guumon for the first ever painted run of Oozy figures! Designed by Blurble, digitally sculpted by iamscumbag and produced in resin by Dubose Art, the 6″ tall Ooze-It bootleg homage has been treated to Guumon’s signature “Titanium” paint scheme, featuring a mesmerising contrast of Monster Kolor silver and neon metallic sprays with a clear coat finish. Limited to an edition of just 5 including one green ooze-coloured chase, each figure comes packed with a custom designed header in a special bag. Priced at $80 each, the Titanium Oozys will be releasing this Friday, May 23rd at 5pm PST in the Blurbleone store right here


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