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MAN-E-NEWS// Datadub’s Wonderfestival Summer ’14 exclusives on Fig-X…


Having featured at Wonderfestival last week as part of the huge Paralyzing Toys booth, Datadub over at Fig-Lab has just unleashed his remaining exclusives in the Fig-X store! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s currently up for grabs…

Datadub Fig5 “Uamouflage” edition- Datadub’s own Finger5 sofubi micro returns in a special hand painted colourway from none other than Uamou! Cast in a “Boba Fett” grey soft vinyl, the 2″ figure comes complete with one-off green, white and black hand painted detailing for just 2,000yen ($20) a piece.

Black Polito “Millennial Monster” edition- Originally created for the “10 Years Yeah!” petit exhibition a couple of weeks back, Rolito’s elusive Black Polito sofubi returns in Datadub’s signature “Millennial Monster” colourway! Cast in a white vinyl with subtle black and red sprays from the legendary Goto-san and coming complete with removable insert and helmet, the little guy has been limited to an edition of just 5, priced at 7,000yen ($69) each.

Sensor Bat “Millennial Monster” edition- Joining Polito, Galaxy People’s Sensor Bat is also up for grabs in the striking MM colourway! Cast in white vinyl with black, red and silver sprays, Sensor Bat can be yours for just 2,500yen ($25) plus shipping…



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