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MAN-E-NEWS// The Sucklord’s “Produce of the Universe” food toy mash-ups…


Celebrating the opening of the SUCKHOLE 3 studio over in New York, The Super Sucklord has decided to offer up something a little special for all those unable to attend the new space’s first open-studio event this weekend… the “Produce of the Universe” food toy mash-ups! Originally planned for release at the last SUCKHOLE, these (non-edible!) one-off, 5.5″ customs have finally been unearthed and uploaded onto the new Suckadelic Shopify store right here. Featuring singles and paired up doubles from the likes of MOTU, Thundercats and TMNT, each comes mounted on a signed, plexi-glass base by the artist, with prices start at just $60 each plus shipping…


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