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MAN-E-NEWS// The KtoKto “Monster Series” sofubi minis…


Having seen instant sellout success at both Wondefestival and yesterday’s Superfetival 66, we’ve decided to shine a little light on the debut line from Japanese artist KtoKto… the awesome Monster Series! Inspired by a mix of both classic monster designs and 80s Japanese horror toys – including the iconic MaBa Zombies – the first wave of figures features a total of 3 different designs; a horned demon, mummy and hopping vampire, each sculpted in the classic finger puppet style and produced in an uncapped soft vinyl. Pictured above in the Superfestival 66 exclusive painted and blank clear purple colorways, each of the little guys came packaged in stunning coffin-style boxes for just 4,000yen ($37) and 3,000yen ($27) respectively. Unfortunately whilst there’s no news of international sales at present, we’re sure the continued success will mean a release over here at some point in the future- fingers crossed! In the meantime, interested parties can head over to the KtoKto Instagram feed here for a little preview of the soon to be released Wave 2…



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