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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Pinhead” mini busts from Ultimate Skull and Cobra…


Tim Stephson over at Ultimate Skull and Cobra has taken on the cult classic Hellraiser for his latest release, proudly presenting the Pinhead mini bust! Staning at around 3.5″ tall (TBC), the beautifully realised head-to-torso figure has been hand sculpt and cast in resin by Tim, coming complete with what appears to be a super-ornate rendition of the film’s infamous puzzle box in 3D printed form. Whilst we’re still unsure of how the figures are to be finished, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that those rather ominous fish hooks and laser cut box faces will feature as part of the end product in one way or another… Keep track of Tim’s Instagram feed here for more developments on the project soon!



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