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MAN-E-NEWS// The Evil MOTU Eater from Kalaka Toys…


Mad genius Matias over at Kalaka Toys has just revealed his first toy of 2015, E.M.E: The Evil MOTU Eater! Featuring a whole slew of kit-bashed MOTU parts – namely the heads of the series’ most memorable heroes and foes – the hulking figure features an originally sculpted, kaiju-style body, loosely taking on the appearance of the MIMP Jotun Troll. Initially due to be cast in resin for a limited release on the Kalaka store, Matias is currently looking into soft vinyl production for the figure, so fingers crossed that with a few modifications the figure makes it into sofubi later on in the year. Keep track of the Kalaka Toys Instagram feed here for news on that first resin release soon…



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