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MAN-E-NEWS// DeathCat Toys’ Elder Demons: Series 2 sculpts revealed in-full…


With the finished wax protos for DeathCat Toys‘ first series of Elder Demons revealed here just last week, creator Johan Ulrich has wasted no time at all in getting to work on Series 2, as he proudly presents both finished sculpts in-full! Featuring the previously revealed hell hound “Cerebus” alongside an all-new, as yet unnamed wolf character, the Johan-designed and KtoKto-sculpted figures follow a similar aesthetic to the first series, standing at a little under 3″ tall and featuring a Bukkuriman/Ma-Ba Zombies split torso, finger puppet style design. Due to be produced in a keshi-style rubber coutesy of DuboseArt soon, expect a full release in soft vinyl later in the year…


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