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MAN-E-NEWS// New “Ion Men” customs from Turbopistola…


Daniel Smith aka Turbopistola is proud to reveal that he’ll have a selection of new Ion Men customs up for grabs later on today (3/27)! Produced in Daniel’s exclusive “clear smoke” soft vinyl, the 5″ tall bots have been adorned with a number of new originally sculpted parts, including an alternative arm, ooze foot, articulated tentacles and removable weapons. Coming complete with a number of metal embellishments as well as different cape and cowl types, the limited run of just 5 figures have each been packed in a resealable bag with a header that can be hung for display. Touching down in the Turbopistola store tonight at 9.30pm Eastern time, the custom Ion Men have been priced between $40-$50 each plus shipping…


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