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MAN-E-NEWS// Max Toy Co’s “Max Boy” sofubi proto revealed…


Mark Nagata over at Max Toy Co is proud to reveal his latest sofubi prototype in full, the adorable Max Boy! A loving tribute to Mark’s son Max, as well as iconic Japanese mascot figures such as Sony Boy, the stunning sofubi mini has been sculpted by none other than Makino-san of TTToy, standing at around 4″ tall (TBC) and featuring articulation in the neck. A deceptively simple looking design, the little guy is brimming with subtle details, our favourite of course, coming in the form of the micro Eyezon that Max is hiding behind his back- absolute genius! Currently under production at the iron molds factory, we’re told to expect the little guy’s debut at some point in late April – early May. Stay tuned for a vinyl test shot reveal soon!


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