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MAN-E-NEWS// Mixed-Part Mein MkII, Fra Diavolo and Tinman resin figures from Healeymade…


Following the success of of last month’s release (check it here), Healeymade is proud to reveal that he’ll be unleashing another wave of mixed-part figures in his store today! Once again featuring Healey’s latest 5.5″, Fra Diavolo, the “Brother Devil” is joined by all-new figure Tinman, plus the return of one of our personal favourites, the magnetically articulated Mein MkII (top). All cast up in a variety of semi-translucent neon tinted resins, the trio will be touching down in the Healeymade store later today – presumably either 3pm or 9pm Eastern time – coming in at around $50 each plus shipping…



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