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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Boss Krang” resin action figures from Bigmantoys…


Whilst we regrettably don’t feature too many resin action figures on Man-E-Toys these days, the latest from our buddy Lee Burbridge over at Bigmantoys was simply too good to ignore… presenting the hilarious Boss Krang! Originally created for the Acme Superstore’s recent group art show of the same name, the classically styled 5.5″ figure features a bootlegged TMNT Krang head, originally sculpted body armour and rubber cast hands for “Kung Fu” grip- all coming cast in an authentic palette of red, grey, yellow and flesh resin. Limited to an edition of 5 pieces, just 2 remain; a standard version for $70 and another, coming packed with a 10″ x 12″ Krang canvas, for $100. Head over to the Bigmantoys store here to check them out before they quickly disappear…


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