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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Infinite Edition” Andre the Giant’s Posse Has a Posse resin figure from Junkfed…


Resin artist Junkfed comes with his latest slab of mashed-up pop culture goodness, the Andre the Giant’s Posse Has a Posse custom bootleg! A loving tribute to cult horror “They Live”, legendary wrestler “Andre the Giant” and street artist Obey’s repurposing of the two in his own work, the stunning 5″ tall figure has been booted from a static vintage wrestler toy, featuring a re-sculpted face based on the aforementioned flick’s mind-controlling aliens. Cast in 1.75 ounces of solid resin and treated to an authentic “OG” paint app in blue, black and red for this first run – titled the “Infinite” edition – the figure comes packed with a custom header based on Obey’s original Andre art for just $40 plus shipping. Look out for the release in Junkfed’s store next Wednesday, July 22nd (time TBC)…


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