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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Mania Ball” rubber figure from turboPISTOLA…


Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA comes with something a little different to his current line-up of minis, introducing the “Mania Ball” rubber ball! Riffing on the current resurgence of Madball-style figures, the piece was rather uniquely sculpted with no original planning whatsoever. Daniel kindly explains a little about the project… “To rage against my own apprehension toward sculpting, I picked up a lump of clay with only the desire to make it my bitch, no plan or design other than mania in mind. Alas, the Mania Ball was born…” Coming in at an authentically scaled 3.5″ wide, the fun-looking figure has been cast up in a bouncy, glittery yellow rubber for it’s first outing, with painted resin versions (pictured below sans-paint) planned soon after. Touching down in the turboPISTOLA store today (7/21) at 9.30pm Eastern time, the Mania Balls have been priced at just $25 each plus shipping…



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