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MAN-E-NEWS// Geek Life’s officially licensed “The Human Centipede” keshi revealed…


Japanese pop culture lifestyle brand Geek Life are proud to reveal that they’ve secured a license to produce keshi based on Tom Six’s infamous cult horror flick, The Human Centipede! Utilising the sculpting talents of Kenth Toy Works‘ Komori Kentaro Kenth, the release is set to feature a total of 5 mini figures inspired by the “First Sequence”, including the rather unfortunate Jenny, Lindsay and Katsuro, crazed surgeon Dr Heiter, and what we can only assume to be the “truck driver”, a failed test subject from early on in the film. Due to be making their debut in a keshi style rubber at some point over the next month or so, be sure to keep a close eye on Geek Life’s Facebook page here for full release details soon…


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