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MAN-E-NEWS// Guumon’s “Titanium LED” Oozeball for the Kaiju Mashup group show…

Brian Mahony of Guumon fame has teamed up with the Disarticulators for a very special one-off custom, the “Titanium LED” Oozeball sofubi! Designed by Tru:Tek and sculpted by Zectron, the loving tribute to both Ooze-It and Madballs has been produced in a squishy clear soft vinyl this time around, coming with Guumon’s signature metallic “Titanium” paint app and fitted with a pop-switch, color changing LED. Created as part of Guumon’s group show “Kaiju Mashup”, which will be opening its doors today (8/14) at Tokyo’s Design Fiesta Gallery, be sure to head over to the artist’s dedicated Instagram feed here to check out the other amazing pieces on display… Look out for more readily available Guumon Oozeballs in the not too distant future!


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