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MAN-E-NEWS// New Metal “Mockbat” and “No Future” from TAG x Paul Kaiju and Kenth Toy Works…

Toy Art Gallery are proud to reveal that a new wave of metal figures have just touched down in-store, seeing the return of Paul Kaiju‘s Mockbat alongside the arrival Kenth Toy Works‘ No Future! Standing at around 4″ tall each, the pair of solid, hand-finished figures both come with a number of interesting design features, including an articulated belly piece for the Mockbat and a helmet that can be removed and used as a ring for No Future. Available in 4 different platings; Gold, Silver, Black and Copper, the Mockbat has been priced between $165-$195 whilst No Future, $125-$155. Currently up for grabs in strictly limited numbers, both figures can be found in the TAG store right here


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