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The “Copper Oxide” and “Moss Wild” Cerrito sofubi from César Zanardi…


“CERRITO is a cryptic creature whose legend was born in South America and expanded worldwide. Nobody knows exactly what it is… CERRITO has the power to change its look depending on the place of appearance and the mood of the occasional witness. CERRITO just “appears, smiles and disappears” never showing up again, but generating an epiphany to whoever encounters it, changing his life forever…”

Argentinian based artist César Zanardi is proud to reveal that his debut sofubi “Cerrito” is set to return this week in 2 all-new colorways exclusive to Japanese retailer One-Up! Standing at around 3″ tall and featuring a simple 2-part design, the talismanic, mystic-imbued figure can be yours in either “Copper Oxide”, coming in a solid-blue with light-blue oxide hints, or “Moss Wild”, featuring dark green rub over a lime base. Going on sale both online and at One-Up’s physical locations in Akihabara and Nakano starting tomorrow (1/2), both “Copper Oxide” and “Moss Wild” Cerritos will set you back just 3,000yen ($25) each…


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