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Paul Kaiju’s latest online sale revealed…

Hot on the heals of the recent “Buttercream” Mockbat release, the mighty Paul Kaiju has just unveiled a staggering array of new toys he’ll have up for grabs in his online store later on today! Featuring a Thrash Out-inspired Biter Fish run in black vinyl with silver/red sprays for $120, a “Fade In” Gravy Toys Quiller for $90, a beautifully weathered metallic purple on brown Gobo King for $250, GID Midi Moon Goons for $120, plus 2 custom Splurrt Cinema Monsters (including Boss Columns!) for $200- phew! All going on sale in the PK store at 12pm Pacfic today (1/22), we suggest getting your refresh finger ready as these won’t be around for longer than a few seconds!


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