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Gravy Toys’ “Trans Smoke” Suns of Brodarr sale…


Bwana Spoons over at Gravy Toys will be unleashing his Suns of Brodarr sofubi in a gorgeous “Trans Smoke” colorway later this week! Featuring nearly all of the 7+ line up, including Jeff, Lonny, Drizz, Kamisama by T9G, Quiller by Paul Kaiju, and Private Hooligan, each 5.5″ tall figure has been produced in an unpainted, glitter-infused clear black soft vinyl. Going on sale blind bagged (with certain figures such as Quiller a little rarer than others!) through the Gravy Toys store at 10am Pacific time this Friday, January 29th, expect to pay around $40-$50 each plus shipping…


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