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Kotobuki Man’s “Texas Butcher” Splatter Retsuden keshi…


With Dream Master Nightmare Kun making it’s debut (and quickly selling out) just last month, Uncut‘s Kotobuki Man has wasted no time in getting the next figure ready in his ongoing Splatter Retsuden/Terror Treehouse series… taking on the mighty Leatherface from cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Whilst the above image is all we have to go on at present, it would appear that the hammer weilding “Texas Butcher” will fit in with previous releases perfectly, featuring a similar Bukkuriman-inspired design that comes in at an oversized 2.5″ tall. Set to make its debut alongside a companion holographic sticker at some point next month, you can be sure that as soon as we have full release details, you guys will be the first in the know…


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