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Obsessed Panda’s “Thanos” Oozeball micro-run…

Michael Devera over at Obsessed Panda has joined forces with the Disarticulators for the first of 2 micro-runs based on the ever-popular Oozeball sofubi! Inspired by Marvel super villain Thanos, the Ooze-It style ball has been produced in a non-squishy soft vinyl this time around, coming with a swathe of blue and purple sprays, gold brushed detailing, plus the piece de resistance- jewel encrusted craters that mimic the Titan’s infamous Infinity Guantlet! Limited to an edition of just 5 pieces, the Thanos Oozeballs will be touching down in the OP store today (3/14) at 12pm Pacific time for $100 each plus shipping… Look out for word on the next run very soon!


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