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C.A.S.T’s “Cactus Punch” Semi Korosiya sofubi…


Taking a brief break from the recent barage of Fumetsu releases, Cop A Squat Toys‘ Adam Saul is proud to present the return of his debut sofubi Semi Korosiya for an all-new Cactus Punch edition! Available in 2 different colorways; “Standard”has limited to 5 cast in clear vinyl with yellow, a few greens and charcoal spray, whilst “Radioactive”, limited to just 3, comes in clear vinyl with charcoal, fluorescent green, and metallic silver spray with GID bead inserts. Coming bagged with screen printed header card and Semi Korosiya lapel pin for $70 each, the “Cactus Punch” Semi Korosiyas will be making their way into the C.A.S.T store today (6/4) at 3pm Eastern time…


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