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Awesome Toy’s the Twins sofubi…


As if their recently released Piggy Bank wasn’t enough, the guys behind Awesome Toy have been hard at work pushing the boundaries of contemporary sofubi even further with the release of their first ever female-specific figures, the Twins! Filling a gap in the market that was once filled to the brim with dolls for girls, the beautifully realised pair take on a similar generic look that was popular in the 60s and 70s, albeit with a slightly creepy twist… they bear more than a passing resemblance to the terrifying Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick’s classic flick, The Shining! Standing at around 9″ tall and featuring 3 points of articulation, the sisters have been cast in an unpainted “Shadow Black” soft vinyl for their first outing. Priced at $80 singularly and just $150 for the pair, the Twins can currently be found in the Toy Underground store right here


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