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Paul Kaiju’s Popo-Fest…

Debuting at DCon ’15 and making a reappeatance at SDCC ’16 a couple of weeks back, Paul Kaiju‘s Popo von Poomz returns today for his first online release dubbed Popo-Fest! Standing at around 4″ tall, featuring 7 points of articulation and coming complete with a matching Popo finger puppet, the hilarious little butt monster will be available in 2 different colorways; “Hypertoon”, featuring an array of vivid pink, purple and teal sprays for $150, and “Baby Pink Blank”, coming cast in an unpainted light pink vinyl for $90. Look out for the pair in the PK store at 6pm Pacific time this evening (7/31)…

About Popo- “I designed Mr. Popo von Poomz back in the 90s.  Previous incarnations of this character included random picnic table graffiti, phone pad doodles, and a hand crafted  kitchen magnet. Popo is the butt of many a joke, yet he’s a dependable handyman and travellin’ road scamp. Now he’s been faithfully brought to life as a full-sized vinyl toy, produced in Japan. He’s guaranteed to brighten up any toy shelf…”


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