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RESTORE’s Collectlister at Lulubell Toys…

unnamed-3 copy.jpg

Making it’s debut at Wonderfestival Summer ’16 last weekend, a limited number of RESTORE‘s latest sofubi – Collectlister – are now available via lottery through Lulubell Toys! Said to be the first “enemy” character in the ongoing Neo Japan saga, the exquisitely detailed figure has been designed and sculpted by none other than Abe Junnokai, coming in at around the same size as previous releases at 8″ tall and featuring a number of cool design features- the most interesting coming in the form of that gorgeous – presumably resin cast – goat diety chest insert. Cast in what appears to be a white soft vinyl and treated to magenta, teal and metallic blue sprays, this first version of Collectlister will set you back just $100 plus shipping. Fancy your chances at bagging one? Then be sure to send your full name, shipping address and PayPal address to before August 12th, being sure to include “Collectlister Lottery” in the subject header… Good luck to all who enter!

About Collectlister: NEO JAPAN, a.k.a. Mr. Okada, hears a rumor in the pub that heavy collectors of toys have gone missing from a toystore in the neighboring town, one after another… “Aha…” reminded of what had happened and angered, Mr. Okada is determined to seek vengeance with the power of the ONI-Powersuit, and heads to the toystore.

Notified of his coming, Dr. K calls on IRON MEAT. NEO JAPAN enters the dim store and soon finds a TOY in the distance, radiating unbelievable amount of Pheromone… Seduced, NEO JAPAN checks that nobody is around, and reaches out for the TOY… But the moment he touches the TOY, his hand is grabbed by something, and will not release! It was a trap in the stomach of Mock up King. “Welcome to the Trap Showroom! May I HELLp You?” He Hold the Dos (yakuza sword) in his hand, suddenly attacked! At that moment, Everybody was blown away by IRON MEAT’s crash. Narrowly, NEO JAPAN escaped from this trap, return to consciousness and his anger exploded.

“Don’t dare you prey on Collectors!!” Is called COLLECTLISTER sets a trap within itself that radiates incredible pheromone, and sucks out energy from the collectors that are seduced…!! The cloth covering it’s face hides it’s presence and murderous intents, and fools the collectors skillfully…


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