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Rockin’ Jelly Bean x Blackdots’ Skull Bro and Mummy Man sofubi…


With RESTORE’s Dr Death now having received several releases since its debut back in October last year, it comes with great pleasure to find that the other 2 figures in Rockin’ Jelly Bean and Blackdots‘ hotly tipped Freaky Monster Village series are now finally up for grabs! Heavily inspired by the rockabilly scene that in-turn spawned the indie sofubi of the late 90’s, we have “Twin Head Skull Bro” from Monster Farm’s Chop and our personal favourite, the “Mummy Man” from Motor Kenz, both coming in at around 8.5” of blank blue and green Japanese soft vinyl. Currently available through the Yamakichiya store right here, both Twin Head and Mummy Man can be yours for 10,800yen plus shipping…


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