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CAST’s “Summers End” and “Dark Arts” Fumetsu…


Adam Saul over at Cop A Squat Toys has just revealed that his Fumetsu sofubi is set to return this week in 2 all-new colorways! Heavily inspired by vintage toys such as Astro-Mu 5, the line features a total of 4 very different “trans-human” characters; Erewhon, Vinge, Neuman and Kurzweil; each coming with an ingenious removable torso that reveals a fifth “super computer” character named Allesh inside. Produced in a clear soft vinyl with GID guts this time around, we have the “Summers End” edition, featuring a unique striped paint app for each figure, plus “Dark Arts”, coming in a mix of charcoal, gold and clear red sprays with hand painted detailing. Limited to just a handful of figures each, both runs will be touching down in the CAST store this Tuesday, August 9th at 2pm Eastern for just $80 per figure plus shipping…



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