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Monsterfoot Creations’ Slaughter Shark lottery…


Hot on the heals of Gabriella June’s release last week, Kaiju Light Society‘s Monsterfoot Creations is the latest artist to take on the mighty Slaughter Shark for a fully-painted run! Co-designed and sculpted by Monsterfoot and Kearjun, the chainsaw-wielding land shark stands at a lofty 9.5″ tall, coming complete with articulation in the arms, legs and head. Once again cast in a blue soft vinyl, the run has been split into 3 colorways; “Lemon”, limited to 8 and featuring metallic red, pink and bright yellow sprays over a black rub, plus “Pink Lightning” and “Bloody” one-off chases. Going on sale via e-mail lottery starting later today (8/25), be sure to keep a close eye on the Kaiju Light Society Instagram feed here for info on how to enter soon…


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