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Tru:Tek x Frank Mysterio’s blind bag Frankballs…


As if the previously posted “Nakajima” Canadian Hairless weren’t enough, we have yet another release coming from our editor-in-chief Tru:Tek this week… the TTPaint blind-bag Frankball run! Taking on both of Frank Mysterio‘s recently released Madball knock-offs (Ugly Head and Battle Toad), the 2.75″ wide figures have been cast in Mexico using a squishy white soft vinyl, each coming with layers of rubs, sprays and hand painted detailing courtesy of Tru:Tek. Limited to just 13 pieces spread across 5 different paint apps, these guys will be sold blind bag, each coming packed with a Madballs-style Gory Hole pin from Keith Caves for just $7 each plus shipping. Look out for them in the Softoy Hobby/Gory Hole store alongside an all-new “Freddy Oozer” pin from Live Rad this Friday, August 26th at 7pm London time…


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