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Candie Bolton’s “Ectoplasm” Bake-Kujira…

“The reanimated corpse of a vengeful whale spirit, this haunting phantom is said to bring a curse of famine, plague and natural disasters to the village that caused its demise. They can be found on rainy nights near the coast with a host of strange birds and fish swarming around them…”

Candie Bolton is proud to announce the release of a special “Ectoplasm” artist run of Bake-Kujira sofubi this week! Standing at a lofty 10.5″ tall and featuring numerous points of articulation, the beautifully detailed whale phantom has been cast by TAG in a mesmerising marbled GID/black soft vinyl this time around. Limited to just a handful of figures, these will be touching down in Candie’s store at 6pm Pacific time on Friday, September 2nd for $200 each plus shipping. Here’s hoping we see a painted run from the artist soon!


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