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DRWG Co’s “The Assassin” Secret Chief keshi…


“Sneaky; underhanded; ruthless; made from keshi-style rubber. These are all suitable adjectives for, arguably the most loathsome of The Chiefs… the Assassin! Always willing to get his hands dirty, the Assassin revels in taking his victims unaware, happy in the knowledge that he sends them to their grave full of questions. Rarely heard and rarely seen by the living, the Assassin is surprisingly astute for someone that opted to have a worm feast upon his brain…”

The guys behind DRWG Co are proud to reveal that the third figure in their ongoing “Secret Chiefs” keshi series, the “Assasin”, is now finally up for grabs! First seen in companion publication “Secret Chiefs Zine: Vol. 1″, the beautifully realised Bikkuriman-style figure has been sculpted in-scale with both the “Slave” and “Librarian”, coming in at a similarly oversized 2.25″ tall and 2.5″ wide. Produced by our very own Tru:Tek at the Disart ToyLabs, 2 different colorways are available; a standard green, limited to 20 pieces, and a rarer yellow, limited to just 5. Packed with a hand finished scroll and holographic sticker for just £12 ($17) plus shipping, the Assassin can currently be found in the DRWG store right here


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