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Rampage Studios Finale exclusive reveals…


With the Rampage Studios Finale opening it’s doors in just a couple of days time now, owner Jon Malmstedt has very kindly allowed me to share a few of the exclusives that’ll be up for grabs! To find out more about the show (and how to purchase tickets if you’re in the Tokyo area), be sure to head over to his blog right here for a more detailed description of what’s going down… In the meantime, lets drool over all these awesome toys!

From top left; Rampage x Paul Kaiju Dual Bat paint run, Rampage x MVH one-off Alien Hunter DX (Hag DX to be held back for Sufes 72), assorted Rampage x Grumble Toy paint runs, Rampage x Galaxy People Cyclops Pterodactyl Sephlapod paint run, Rampage Toys and Splurrt Krono one-offs, Tru:Tek x Splurrt Cadaver Twin paint run



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