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Softoy Sofubi Insight: Part 1

With the mold for my Oozeball sofubi being moved to the same factory I’m currently having both the Warui Zonbis and upcoming Sumoggubōru produced at, I was thankfully given the chance to get a look at it in-person today. Infinitely more substantial than the silicone molds I’m used to when producing keshi back in the UK, the piece (commonly refferred to here as a frying pan because of it’s similar shape and long handle) is made from iron using a lost wax technique that I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few days. Having the thing in-hand has really helped to make me realise the sheer scale of sofubi production over standard casting techniques we usually see in the indie toy scene and more importantly, fully appreciate the time and care that’s put into these toys we all know and love… Next up, an insight into casting and preparing the wax!


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