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Superfestival 72 in pictures…

Marking the first of my visual round-ups from the last week of my trip to Tokyo, I bring you guys some of the finest sofubi, keshi and resin that graced the halls of Superfestival 72 at the Tokyo Science Museum this past Sunday. Whilst I spent most of the day on-hand at the Rampage Toys, Galaxy People and Fig-Lab booth with a few releases of my own, I did manage to catch up with many of the artists we feature here at Softoy Hobby, chew the fat and of course, bag some of my favourite pieces as well…

[From top left] 1. Tru:Tek’s display (inc. Splurrt, PLT Toy, Science Patrol and STKL), 2. The Galaxy People booth, 3. The Galaxy People’s Oozeball run, 4. Various runs and one-offs at the Rampage Toys booth (inc. Skull Head Butt, Splurrt and MVH), 5. Kto Kto’s Sufes 72 SHARUDESU DAIMAO Vs. YUSYA AUROSU sets, 6. Newtervision’s “Toxie” Mighty Mashroom sofubi, 7. Kotobukiman’s Evil Buster keshi, 8. Nerdone’s mini M.O.T.U.L.O.S sofubi/keshi sets, 9. Refreshment/Pop Soda’s Sufes 72 Zombie Cupcake, 10. Comet Debris’ booth, 11. Astro Zombies’ booth, 12. TMNT sofubi at the Dune booth, 13. Street Fighter 2 sofubi at the Dune booth, 14. Mount Gorilla display at the One-Up booth, 15. Blackdots’ upcoming Madballs sofubi at the Yamakichiya booth, 16. Siccaluna’s Oni set at the Yamakichiya booth, 17. Blackbook Toy’s booth, 18. Sufes 72 Otomodachi of Yasuo at Aimodo’s booth, 19 and 20, Science Patrol x SQDBLSTR’s booth, 21. Ummikko x Grody Shogun’s Agent ORM at the Science Patrol x SQDBLSTR booth, 22. the Pampag Toys, Science Patrol and SQDBLSTR gacha, 23. Yokoshimajuu Rivaneusu at the Uky Daydreamer booth, 24. “Psychedelic” ULTIOTL at the Uky Daydreamer booth, 25. Siccaluna’s upcoming “Monster” sofubi, 26. Sunguts’ booth, 27. Pico Pico’s booth, 28 and 29. Marusan’s booth, 30. Kenth Toy Works’ booth, 31. Amapro’s booth, 32. Dongri Dragon Lord’s booth, 33. Shirahama Toy’s booth, 34. BLObPUS’ booth, 35. GEEK!’s booth, 36. Samurai Doll’s booth, 37. Vintage Vinyl Club’s booth, 38. Onion Fights’ booth, 39 and 40. resin garage kits at the Hell Painter booth… Click on the individual photos for a closer look.


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