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The Rampage Studios Finale in pictures…


After 4 years of some of the most talked about shows in the indie sofubi scene, Rampage Studios opened it’s doors to the public one last time for its Finale show last Friday. A rather fitting final bow from owner Jon Malmsedt of Rampage Toys, the compact exhibition featured a slew of RT originals, paint runs and one-offs, including collaborations with past Rampage Studios participants, including Paul Kaiju, Splurrt, MVH, Grumble Toy and myself (Tru:Tek). A hugely entertaining night for all involved, the beer flowed, toys were bought and fans and artists alike were able to reflect on what has been an amazing  4 years for the studio… Below is a small visual roun up of the many, many figures Jon prepared for the show. If you’re interested in checking out a walkthrough, then be sure to head to the new Softoy Hobby You Tube channel here for a (slightly shaky!) walkthrough I recorded before the shows opening… Enjoy!

[From top left] 1. Rampage Studios shop front, 2. Rampage Toys pre-Sufes 72 display, 3. One-off RT Kanzler, one-off Splurrt Kronos and RT Namazus, 4. Tru:Tek’s Namazu and Cadaver Twin runs, 5. RT x Galaxy People Pterodactyl Sephlapods, 6. One-off RT Suited Kessagake, Camo Kessagake and Krono, 7. One-off RT Uneasy Joe, Alien Hunter DX, Gara Time Gore, Suited RT x SP Tank Heads, RT x GT Tapirs, and Ugly Unicorns, 8. RT x PK Dual Bats, 9. RT Mini and Micro display, 10. RT x Grumble mini exhibition, 11. RT “Vintage” Nibbler, 12. One-off RT Suited Kessagake.


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