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Softoy Hobby at Designer Con 2016…


We exclusively reveal the cart load of exclusive one-offs and painted runs we’ll have up for grabs at the Rampage Toys x Tru:Tek DCon ’16 booth (#933) next weekend

Figures revealed so far include:

  • One-off Cadaver Kid, Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid, Zug the Troll, Hell Maijin and Noxious hand painted by Tru:Tek/UME Toys
  • “Pearl Rose”, “Ghost”, “Copper”, “Moonwalker” and “Terminator” Oozeball micro-runs from Tru:Tek/UME Toys
  • Science Patrol x Tru:Tek Namazus
  • DRWG x Atonement x Tru:Tek M.A.Y.O.R and Karakasa keshi
  • Grizlli Atom x Cheap Pop Shop x Tru:Tek “Magenta/Green” Matballs
  • STKL x Tru:Tek “Cyber Joe” Uneasy Joes
  • Toysbian x Tru:Tek “Mecha” Duwas
  • “Full Paint” Warui Zonbi sets from UME Toys
  • Splurrt x Tru:Tek “Rotten” Cadavaver Twins
  • Keep a close eye on the Tru:Tek Instagram feed here for more details and be sure to stay tuned for details of the post-con sale next week!



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