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SoftoyHobby’s post-DCon ’16 sale…

Now safely back in the UK after an awesome few days over in LA for Designer Con ’16, we bring you details of our leftover sale happening in-store tomorrow (11/24) at 7pm London time, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific. Below is a full rundown of what will be on offer…

  • DCon ’16 exclusive “Grapeful Dead” Keronga: TakePico/One-Up’s sofubi froggy has been painted by Tru:Tek with a mix of acrylic brushwork and VColor sprays. Limited to 4 priced at $50 each
  • DCon ’16 exclusive Namazu: 2 different varieties of Science Patrol’s hugely popular fish are available, the single version coming cast in a milky white soft vinyl with blue, metallic pink and magenta sprays for $45, and a Namazu family set coming in a glitter-infused green soft vinyl with matching metallic pink and magenta sprays for $55
  • DCon ’16 exclusive Uneasy Joe: STKL’s signature sofubi comes cast in a clear lime green with internal silver and external metallic green sprays. Limited to 5 priced at $45 each
  • One-Off Hell Maijin: Hell Painter’s Hell Maijin resin garage kit as painted by Tru:Tek and Rich Page. Features a mix of acrylic brushwork, washes and VColor sprays. Priced at $200
  • “Full Painted Ver.” Warui Zonbi set: Gory Hole’s Warui Zonbi: Series 1, as painted by UME Toys’ Rich Page. Features both SS Werewolf and Selwyn cast in a Japanese soft vinyl and treated to gruesome hand brushed paint apps. Limited to 5 sets priced at $60 each
  • DCon ’16 exclusive Warui Zonbi singles: A selection of Warui Zonbi blanks and hand paints from UME Toys’ Rich Page. Priced between $15-$25 each
  • DCon ’16 exclusive Matballs: Grizlli Atom, Cheap Pop Shop and Tru:Tek’s Madballs-inspired keshi cast in a DCon exclusive magenta and neon green rubber. Limited to 5 priced at $40 each
  • DCon ’16 exclusive Kabuki Kasa Obake and M.A.Y.O.R keshi: Tru:Tek teams up with Atonement and DRWG for exclusive colorways of both the M.A.Y.O.R and Kabuki Kasa Obake keshi. Come cast in a neon green and flesh-tone keshi-style rubber.Limited to 10 of each priced at $10 a piece
  • SQDBLSTR x Tru:Tek Karakappa keshi: Kit-bashed by SQDBLSTR and produced by Tru:Tek, Karakappa (or is that Kappakasa?!) is the first in a new line of yokai-inspired keshi from the pair. Each headed bag contains 2 randomly assorted mini figures cast in a keshi-style rubber for $10
  • Argomedus & the Whisperer one-off sets: Scott Tolleson’s Argomedus & the Whisperer sofubi as painted by Tru:Tek. 2 one-off sets are available; “Neo”, coming with mint blue, flesh, neon pink and purple sprays and “Classic”, coming with acrylic brushwork and washes from UME Toys alongside sprays from Tru:Tek. Priced at $110 each
  • “Gara” Lord of Limbs micro-run: Science Patrol and W.H.L.T’s Lord of Limbs sofubi micro painted by Tru:Tek. Features metallic blue, teal, flesh and red sprays over orange Japanese soft vinyl inspired by Garamon. Limited to 3 priced at $15 each
  • “Copper” Oozeball micro-run: Sofubi Oozeballs painted by UME Toys in his signature weathered copper paint app. Limited to 3 priced at $70 each

Look out for a full photo review of DCon on Softoy Hobby tomorrow!



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