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One-Up Toy’s latest online sale revealed…

One-Up come with their latest online sale, featuring a wide selection of toys both old and new

Toys revealed so far include:

  • The debut of Ψ (psi) in “Gold”
  • “SP2 coloring” Ω (omega)
  • “SP2 coloring” Skeldon
  • “Metallic Blue/Silver” Mount Gorilla
  • “One-Up Exclusive” Dualos
  • “Gold” Gaorg re-release
  • “Gold” Lion Head Borg re-release
  • “Gold” Kamengo

All of these and more will be available from the One-Up store right here from 9pm Japan time on Friday, November 25th. International orders can be placed by e-mailing One-Up at


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