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Blackseed’s Yu Shou Long revealed…


Blackseed kindly give us the scoop on their latest figure, Yu Shou Long <御守龍>

  • Size: 11″
  • Articulation: 9 points (legs, tail, heads, temple)
  • Designed by Blackseed’s Kenneth Tang, Yu Shou Long has been sculpted using a mix of physical and digital techniques, featuring a double-headed XuanWu (dragon), LED fitted eyes, plus a unique stackable “temple” body that can be combined to create a Lu Shou Long tower
  • Originally debuting at Superfestival 73, we’re told a general release will follow soon
  • Backstory- During warring states period, a huge double-headed XuanWu (Black Tortoise, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations) damaged to human life. Three monks went together and sealed it under the imperial City. Monks digging XuanWu’s eyes, replaced it by moon’s fragments, and manipulated its power to become the strongest weapons – Yu Shou Long for protecting the entire country.
  • Yu Shou Long could be wake up in the evening given by the power of moon, and it keeps as Imperial City during the day time. Its eyes can store the reflection power of moon, issued a strong destruction fire. Become an incredible weapon.
  • However, this strong power is said to as threat to Emperor at the time. Three monks were ordered to death. Yu Shou Long also lost its power from monks, and absence on protecting the country, which perish afterwards…

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