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Rampage Toys’ Dungeons and Dungeons sofubi board game…


Rampage Toys come with their latest online sale, this time featuring new versions of the Rampage Ultra Kaiju, assorted random goodies, plus the debut of their latest sofubi micro series-come-fantasy boardgame, Dungeons and Dungeons

A collaboration between Rampage, WHLT and Walter Parenton, the D&D starter set includes:

  • 7 Mini Japanese Sofubi Figures (Good, bad and indifferent characters included) – assorted vinyl colors (black, milky, gold and flesh)
  • Starter rules sheet (seriously, I have no clue how this thing works.  I haven’t seen the rules yet- Rampage’s JM)
  • Character stats
  • Basic ‘gameboard’/’map’ (to be expanded in future releases)
  • Header and insert art by Walter

The D&D starter set is due to go on sale alongside a whole host of other items (including the pictured SmogBalls and Unicorn Tanks) at 10am Eastern time this Friday, March 3rd


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