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Violence Toy’s March release…


Violence Toy come with a whole host of painted runs, one-offs and blanks this week

All touching down in the Violence Toy store right here today (3/12) at 5pm Pacific time, featured products include:

  • Black Blank Tower/ Babylon Boy and Mutant Cop/ DK-9 combos
  • Mutant Cop on Yellow (edition of 5)
  • Tower with Green Patina (one-off)
  • Mutant Cop “Thriller” (one-off)
  • Tower/ Babylon Boy “Fury Road” combo (edition of 4)
  • Mutant Cop with Blue Slime (one-off)
  • Tower/ Babylon Boy Rust and Mohawk combo (one-off)
  • Trollborg, Deathcar, Time-Gore, and Asogian on white (one of each)
  • Mutant Cop with Green Vomit (one-off)
  • DK-9 (one-off)
  • Tower/ Babylon Boy on Glow combo (one-off)
  • 3 DK-9 (one-off)
  • Babylon Boy “War Boy” (one-off)

Pricing TBC


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