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5233 Toys’ Doubleirons/Drill/Commander and Boom Kong/Boobie Kong/Tank sets…


5233 Toys‘ Doubleirons and Kong sets return for a matching release this week

  • Size: 5″ each
  • Articulation: 5 points (Doubleirons), 3 points (Kongs)
  • Edition sizes: TBC
  • Price: $130 (Doubleirons), $170 (Kongs)
  • Designed and sculpted by 5233, both Doubleirons, Boom Kong and Boobie Kong appear to have been produced in a black soft vinyl, coming with matching metallic red, blue, purple and gold sprays
  • Doubleirons comes packed with a drill and micro commander omake
  • Boobie and Boom Kong come packed with kimono accessory and tank omake
  • Applicants who buy both sets will receive an undisclosed extra
  • Currently available via email lottery, interested parties are going to need send their name, Instagram ID, address, telephone and PayPal to

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