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Baketan’s post-Winter WF ’18 sale…


Baketan have held back a limited number of items from their Wonderfestival booth for online sales

The following items are currently available in the Baketan store right here

  • Chinese Zodiac Cat (3,000yen)
  • Chinese Zodiac Cat (Smile Ver.) (3,000yen)
  • Chinese Zodiac Rat (2,000yen)
  • Baketan No. 1 (Ivory) (7,000yen)
  • Unrei (Ivory) (1,500yen)
  • Sleeping Brown Tabby (3,500yen)
  • Okunoen Brown tabby (6,500yen)
  • Dragon Knit Brown Tabby (12,000yen)
  • Maman Man (standard) (7,000yen)
  • Southern Cube (5,000yen)

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